About Us

We are a local Kamloops couple who began cloth diapering in June 2009 with the birth of our son.   We enjoyed the many benefits of cloth and felt good about not contributing to the THOUSANDS of disposable diapers that sit in landfills for HUNDREDS of YEARS...YES, HUNDREDS!!

We wanted to help others in the Kamloops area feel good by offering an environmentally friendly option to diapering at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to provide a diaper that is comfortable for the baby, affordable to the parent, and better to the environment.

* Have diverted over 200 000 diapers from the Kamloops landfill.

* Winner of the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards in the Green Category in 2013 (finalist in 2012).

Finalist in the Home Based Business Category of Business Excellence Awards in 2013.

* Hosted the Great Cloth Diaper Change and Natural Nurturing Expo since 2012 where a new collective Guinness World Record was set for most diaper changes at one time around the world.


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

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