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Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service is now offering deep cleaning/diaper stripping for your own stash of cloth diapers. Every few months, it is suggested to do a deep cleaning (stripping) on your diapers. Hard water, diaper creams and detergents can cause build up over time causing your diapers to smell, repel or worse yet, give baby a rash. Our multi-step process will reduce any smells (such as ammonia), help restore absorbancy and reduce stains getting them in good working condition again. We deep clean, strip and sanitize your diapers and inserts, leaving them clean, fluffy, absorbent and smelling like new. 

0-40 diapers $25 – wash and dry
0-40 diapers $20 – wash only

After 40, there is an additional charge $1/diaper.

Pricing Includes:
  • Pick up & delivery within Kamloops City limits 
             (if you live out of town, arrangements can be made to meet you)
  • Complete stripping of diapers and inserts.

What is considered a 'diaper'?
    - a prefold & cover
    - pocket & 1 insert
    - All in One diaper
    - or 3 inserts.

We can also do wetbags, wipes, change pads.

Snug Glee Bums Diaper will provide you with loaner diapers at a cost of $3.50/day (with covers) if desired.


* PLEASE NOTE these exceptions:
  • If you have ANY diapers where the PUL is pulling away, or any type of damage, we ask that you let us know on our intake form.

We will be accepting a limited number of stripping clients per week.
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